PREVIEW: The Gallery at Hotel Cafe on July 23

written by: Hannah Lorenz on July 21, 2014

They say the West Coast is the best coast. While that’s clearly the delusion of someone who’s suffered a little too much sun damage, California does have a leg up on the rest of the country this week: that’s where the Gallery, a country-meets-pop-punk quartet from Massachusetts, will kick off its summer tour. So, LA […]

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Music video for "Fiona Coyne" by Saint Pepsi
Molehill Photo

Video Premiere: Molehill – “Money Life”

written by: Boris Hartl on July 1, 2014

Peter Manhart received a job offer with a trading company in downtown Chicago and to celebrate he wrote “Money Life.” “It’s about the fear of pushing aside your dreams for the sake of making money, and pretending you’re somebody you’re not, and maybe eventually getting so far along in that pretend life that you can’t […]

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Secret Colours portrait by Lenny Gilmore
Borrowed Beams of Light photo

The 2014 Festival Forecast

written by: Matt Wink on April 10, 2014

When Aquarius-Gemini duo that is Antwan Patton and André Benjamin take the stage together for the first time in years… the festival season will officially be underway. Coachella kicks off a stretch of festivals that peaks in the summer months and gently fades out as the weather cools. The sad reality is, unless you’re super […]

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