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Bingeing on Beyoncé

written by: Kate Silver on December 23, 2013

The pop star’s surprise album leads the social media conversation.

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True Love Requires True Tape

written by: Shannon Shreibak on January 10, 2013

If you’ve ever cleaned out any receptacle of nostalgic items and useless crap (your childhood room, first car, etc.), you’ve stumbled upon a mixtap that’s encased in a foggy plastic prism, labeled with a carefully scrawled tag. Sadly, most appreciation for the mixtape has gone the way of its junky jewel cassette case, with the […]

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I Wanna Be Adored

written by: Shannon Shreibak on December 6, 2012

A prolonged obituary for bands undiscovered and unacknowledged.

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We Want More Music Videos?

written by: Alex Peak on October 18, 2012

For the 14 of us who are still watching music videos, those dorky dance arrangements keep things funny.

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Pop Stars Gone Wild

written by: Hannah Lorenz on October 2, 2012

In the popular music world, there lives a phenomenon which never ceases to enthrall the nation. It’s young and innocent, it’s pretty and with the help of auto-tune, it has a decent voice. It takes the country by storm. As soon as one loses popularity, another re-spawns to take its place. It is, of course, […]

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