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Playing Summer to the Beat

written by: Shannon Shreibak on June 25, 2013

We know it’s hot outside, but summer music can be cooool. Whether you want to beat the heat by singing along beside a campfire or lounging on the beach, there’s a song for you. (Specifically, eight of them.)

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Musical Mainstays

written by: Aspyn Jones on May 23, 2013

Oh, you have a spoken word introduction too? What are the odds?

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Spike the Senses

written by: Eric Witt on March 5, 2013

If you want to leave a show covered in confetti, with your ears ringing and a shit-eating grin – then these might be your bands.

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Forever Alone

written by: Aspyn Jones on February 8, 2013

There’s always a soundtrack to romance, but now the lonely audiophile has one too.

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Strange Serenades for Stranger Ears

written by: Eric Witt on January 29, 2013

The following artists are lesser known, but to a good-many they have influenced music in ways that popular musicians will never be able to.

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