Illuminate creates genuine hip-hop

written by: Sean Hatfield on July 6, 2014

A musician can have a lot of impact on another individual, bringing joy, sadness, anger, and more to the listeners. But good music also has a message that can live beyond the artist. Music like that is hard to find, especially in the mainstream, but indie rapper, Illuminate (Nate Brownfield), from Cleveland, Tennessee, is determined […]

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Andy Milad-Nick Galli-Kurt Roy-photo

Wedding Dress Ambles Down a Darker Aisle

written by: Max Green on April 15, 2014

“It’s not always a good thing to explore those darker tangents, but for better or for worse in this band, if the songs want to go there, we are going to go there.”

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The Rise of Birds of Tokyo

written by: Christina Salgado on April 11, 2014

Up until recent months, the Perth-born collective were largely unknown in the U.S., paling in…

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Adam Brock 4

Adam Brock Makes Some Friends

written by: Sean Hatfield on March 29, 2014

Adam Brock 4’s blooming career has picked up some attention playing in some of Portland’s better venues and…

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Oh Be Clever
The Speed of Sound in Seawater Img. 1