The Rise of Birds of Tokyo

written by: Christina Salgado on April 11, 2014

Up until recent months, the Perth-born collective were largely unknown in the U.S., paling in…

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Adam Brock 4

Adam Brock Makes Some Friends

written by: Sean Hatfield on March 29, 2014

Adam Brock 4’s blooming career has picked up some attention playing in some of Portland’s better venues and…

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Oh Be Clever
The Speed of Sound in Seawater Img. 1
The Cell Phones

Adam Remnant: Redeeming a Dream

written by: Taylor Cowan on August 5, 2013

With no physical record and no plans for studio time until potentially the fall, for now, Remnant’s is truly folk music.

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The Time Is Now For Hemmingbirds

written by: Craig Bechtel on July 3, 2013

The title for The Vines of Age was taken from the song “Vineyards,” and Yoo Soo Kim says “it encompasses the album pretty well.”

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