Setting the Mood with Ryan Ohm

written by: Kendall Klitzke on February 18, 2015

“My soft spot is coming-of-age films about teenagers, sort of the reckless after-dark sneaking out, make-out points, skateboarding,” Ryan Ohm confesses. The Chicagoland indie filmmaker has parlayed his love of music and film into a burgeoning career making music videos for the likes of Empires, Twin Peaks, Modern Vices, Yawn, and more. His voice fizzes […]

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The Next 30 Years of JBTV

written by: Kendall Klitzke on August 13, 2014

JBTV is Jerry Bryant’s attempt to create the programming music fans never got from MTV, and there’s no indication that it’s slowing down.

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Crocodiles Are Not Crying Crocodile Tears

written by: Craig Bechtel on July 19, 2014

As 18-year-old guys, inspired by the Sex Pistols and what they saw as the repressively sunny dittohead malaise of their San Diego environment, Brandon Welchez and Charles Rowell formed the political punk outfit The Plot To Blow Up The Eiffel Tower. But nowadays, Crocodiles aren’t just crying crocodile tears on the band’s most recent release, […]

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A Warhol Original

written by: Matt Wink on May 3, 2014

The center of the country music world has opened itself up to be a hotbed of…

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32 Forty outside

The Octopus Project: Music Is Their Inkblot

written by: Craig Bechtel on August 19, 2013

“It drives me nuts to be labeled post-rock or EDM or whatever the phrase of the moment is. It’s just annoying, so that drives us to try something new every time.”

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