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Amp up the Team Spirit at Your Football Party with These Six Songs

written by: on February 5, 2012

One of the greatest days of the year is often times overlooked in the music world. Super Bowl Sunday is a day of eating chili, drinking beer, multimillion dollar commercials and, of course, football. But if the Madonna halftime show isn’t your cup of tea, here are a few tunes to keep the party going. From touchdown celebrations to kick-off festivities, these songs will be the soundtrack to your game day extravaganza.


“Horsepower” –  Justice

Even the NFL uses electro-pop songs to prove worthy amongst the musically inclined, but all can’t entirely be forgiven when Faith Hill starts singing the Sunday night anthem. Turn the TV on mute and blast a song that packs a much bigger punch to get revved up. “Horsepower” is a theme song in itself. Distorted guitar riffs and vibrating keyboard notes make this fully digitalized tune into the perfect song to sprint through a wall of angry men—or to at least watch from the sideline.


“Superstar” – Lupe Fiasco

While “Superstar” may be low-key, Lupe’s soothing voice will make anyone feel like a superstar. This song is glamorous in the manliest way, similarly to the Super Bowl. It’s like what the Oscars are for movies, Grammys for music; it is the ultimate showdown to name the biggest superstars in football. Plus, the chorus line is pretty simple to learn making a sing-along that much more possible.


“Home” – Edward Sharp and the Magnetic Zeros

We might not all be from the East Coast, but it’s still nice to have a hometown salute to a favored team. While this song may actually be about a hippy love affair, it’s hard to resist that joyful whistling. This indie-folk lullaby has made its way into insurance commercials and, yes, NFL commercials. Since no team is actually the home team, Indianapolis will be a replacement to many Giants and Patriots alike because, “home is whenever I’m with you.”


“Tom Sawyer” – Rush

Who doesn’t get pumped up with a little Rush? “Tom Sawyer” is an epic battle of throbbing keyboard and swift guitar riffs. It’s hard to resist a quick fist pump-kick combo during the scattered breakdowns, making this song an ideal half-time energy boost. Sure, Madonna will likely shock the world with a kiss or bare body part, but there is always some time for 1980s progressive rock.


“Make Some Noise” – Beastie Boys

Chock full of energetic beats and classic Beastie Boys rapping, “Make Some Noise” is well-tailored for football games for more than the obvious title. It’s catchy, fun and likely to spark a viewing of the “Fight for Your Right (Revisited)” video. Hip-hop should be on everyone’s game day playlist, and “Make Some Noise” will turn all the sour moments sweet and the sweet moments sweeter. Seriously—it’s in the name.


“My Hero” – Foo Fighters

Just imagine. [Insert ideal player] is ferociously running down the field, trampling everyone in his path to make it to the glorified end zone for a punt return. All hi’s fans are beer-drenched and astonished. He is a hero. As cheesy as it may sound, on this Sunday evening said player is a hero and he deserves a victory song in his honor. Go on, blast Dave Grohl with the full intent to belt out every word in pure celebration. Varsity Blues aside, “My Hero” is aptly appropriate in real life football.

  • Tina Akarsha