From Cafe to DIY Venue

written by: Kim Manning on December 31, 2012

Although the jam-packed venues like The Metro and Subterranean are always a ball, DIY venues like Café Mustache offer a community vibe that anyone can enjoy.

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Swerp it up: Chicago’s Youngest Label

written by: Kim Manning on November 27, 2012

On Thursday, November 15, British pop-punk outfit Johnny Foreigner took the stage at Subterranean in Chicago. Johnny Foreigner is an act signed on the Windy City’s newest record label, Swerp Records. Their music boasts a playful tone, and owner J Matthew Nix is ecstatic about their presence on his label – that’s just the kind […]

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A Music Mainstay

written by: Kim Manning on October 15, 2012

Located on a quiet strip of Belmont Avenue near Western, Andy’s Music in Chicago has been …

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A New Kind of Venue In Town

written by: Kim Manning on September 11, 2012

City Winery is 50/50 music and wine. For them, they go together. Like other artists indulge in stories of whiskey and beer, the artists that come through the winery chose the finer things in life.

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Yeasayer at The Vic Theatre on August 22, 2012

written by: Kim Manning on August 28, 2012

A Yeasayer show is much like one could expect. At any given time, lights shined in bright purple, yellow, orange, blue, green and any combination imaginable. For this tour, the band touted props adding a whole new dimension to their light show.

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