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Spoil that special music lover in your life

written by: on December 18, 2014


Here’s a few gift ideas so you can take care of the musicians or music fans in your life.

1. Amp Mug – $9.99


Sure, you won’t be using this mug to amplify any actual music, but sometimes coffee is more important than music.

2. Star Wars Death Star Bluetooth Speaker – $69.99


Double points for Star Wars fans who just need some help pumping up their jams and hopefully not blowing up other planets.

3. Piano Key Organizer – $24.90


Keys for your keys! Give a gift of organization, somewhat-stress-free mornings, and the satisfying feeling of playing a key to get a key.

4. Guitar Skillet – $19.95


Guitar omelette. Do I really need to say more?

5. Harmonica Necklace – $22.00


If your friend is the type of person that can be trusted to wear a tiny instrument on their person at all times without making everyone around them crazy, then by all means, buy them a tiny instrument to wear on their person at all times.

6. Musical Ruler – $12

Screen Shot 2014-12-18 at 2.15.17 PM

This will definitely make learning to read a ruler fun for your favorite middle-school relative. It will also get them kicked out of class.

7. E-Z Tuner – $19.98


Keeping your instruments in tune is great, but having the ability to tune up without having to  juggle a traditional tuner on your lap is even better.

8. Pac-Man Ukelele – $600

This is $600. Most people in your life, regardless of how much you love them or how much they’ve done for you, probably aren’t going to be receiving a $600 gift from you this Christmas. But this is a handmade PAC-MAN UKELELE, and it is beautiful. Perhaps the gift here isn’t the actual ukelele but the gift of knowing this kind of instrument is possible in the world.