Camera Obscura live at Thalia Hall in Chicago on July 25, 2014.

Camera Obscura at Thalia Hall on July 25, 2014

written by: Craig Bechtel on July 28, 2014

She had a “New Year’s resolution to write something of value,” Camera Obscura’s Tracyanne Campbell sang Friday night, but judging by the enthusiastic crowd’s reaction and the quality of her band’s recorded output to date, she should have checked that off her list long ago. The lead singer and lyricist for the Scottish quintet (expanded […]

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Crocodiles Are Not Crying Crocodile Tears

written by: Craig Bechtel on July 19, 2014

As 18-year-old guys, inspired by the Sex Pistols and what they saw as the repressively sunny dittohead malaise of their San Diego environment, Brandon Welchez and Charles Rowell formed the political punk outfit The Plot To Blow Up The Eiffel Tower. But nowadays, Crocodiles aren’t just crying crocodile tears on the band’s most recent release, […]

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Illuminate creates genuine hip-hop

written by: Sean Hatfield on July 6, 2014

A musician can have a lot of impact on another individual, bringing joy, sadness, anger, and more to the listeners. But good music also has a message that can live beyond the artist. Music like that is hard to find, especially in the mainstream, but indie rapper, Illuminate (Nate Brownfield), from Cleveland, Tennessee, is determined […]

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Bonnaroo 2014: Everything Happened All The Time, Ever

written by: Matt Wink on July 6, 2014

In theory, all music festivals are relatively the same. Tens of thousands file in, get wrist-banded and do unspeakable things to port potties over the course of two to four days… just ask Kanye about that last one. But, there’s something about Bonnaroo that separates itself from the others. Off I-24 on a farm, The […]

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Andy Milad-Nick Galli-Kurt Roy-photo

Q&A: Bradley Bell of CHIODOS

written by: Phoenix Askani on May 19, 2014

Pop ‘stache had the pleasure of sitting down with Bradley Bell, the man behind the keyboards, piano, synthesizers, programming, and backing vocals of CHIODOS, earlier this week before their show at the House of Blues in West Hollywood in Los Angeles. Bradley was very kind and relatively calm for a guy who goes totally nuts […]

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Q&A: Mirah

written by: Erin Vogel on May 13, 2014

The result of all these major life changes was a series of songs that became…

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Q&A: Animal City

written by: Erin Vogel on May 4, 2014

But when you meet the four guys behind Animal City, what becomes even clearer…

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A Warhol Original

written by: Matt Wink on May 3, 2014

The center of the country music world has opened itself up to be a hotbed of…

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