Reptar – Body Faucet

written by: May 4, 2012
Release Date: May 1st, 2012


Electronic power-pop group Reptar has gained critical acclaim as a high-energy live act. Rightfully so, songs like “Blast Off” and “Sebastian” are fully fledged dance anthems, but that’s not all Reptar can do well. As their first full-length release (via Vagrant Records), Body Faucet proves the Athens-based quartet can produce slow moving electro tunes alongside up-tempo dance beats.

Named after – of course – the dinosaur from Rugrats, Reptar has a wistful nostalgia about them. It could be the reference, but the spacious percussion and fast moving guitar licks are just plain fun. “Please Don’t Kill Me” is laced with afro-beats and sunny disposition. Along with “Natural Bridge” and “New House,” Body Faucet has an uncanny distinction to Vampire Weekend.

Reptar’s party reputation hasn’t dissipated. This effort from Reptar is subtle, but fuller. Body Faucet is no doubt an electronic party, and their legendary live shows will assumingly coincide, but their slap-in-the-face tunes from Obangle Fizz Y’all are few and far between.

“Isoprene Bath” is fast spitting and contagious. Video game keyboard quickly dances alongside Graham Ulicny’s echoed vocals with a pleasant psychedelic tone. “Orifice Oragami” is heavily tinged with 1980s pop in the intro, but it quickly turns into a power punk anthem. This track is playful, an ideal match for a summer party. “Thank You Gliese 370 b” is reminiscent of the group’s previous releases. With a shoegazy overtone, the cut is translucent and energetic.

Through energy flows color and light. Body Faucet was created with a sense of textile connection, at least as textile as music can be. The group has a psychedelic aura about them, but not as much trippy and more so free spirited.

Ulicny pleasantly repeats “Hold me closer babe, please don’t let me go,” in “Ghost Bike” a song about witnessing the death of a friend. The song is so elegantly constructed around the tragic situation; don’t be surprised if a tear appears in your eye.  But as the track slowly dissipates, “New House” chimes in with powerful yelps and spacious guitar licks. The chorus leaps out in full force with bright vigor.

Reptar’s first full album is an impressive collection of audible art. Last track, “Water Runs” is a sweet ballad. A slow, but short build up leads to a harmonized and youthful dance beat resembling the likes of Passion Pit and Justice. Sprinkled with slow paths of keys and quiet vocals, it is perfectly suited as a closer, reminding the audience to bask in every dance worthy note.

Reptar – Body Faucet tracklist:

  1. “Sebastian”
  2. “Please Don’t Kill Me”
  3. “Isoprene Bath”
  4. “Orifice Oragami”
  5. “Houseboat Babies”
  6. “Natural Bridge”
  7. “Ghost Bike”
  8. “New House”
  9. “Thank You Gliese 370 b”
  10. “Sweet Sipping Soda”
  11. “Three Shining Suns”
  12. “Water Runs”