The Locals – Stereostatic Funicular

written by: December 10, 2013
Album-Art-for-Stereostatic-Funicular-by-The-Locals Release Date: September 3, 2013


Life is about taking risks—at least, according to native Chicago band The Locals. The group’s new EP, Stereostatic Funicular, is all about moving forward despite the consequences.

The release blends pop with ’90s alternative rock as the strong guitar rhythms, syncopated drumming,  and lead singer Yvonne Doll’s soaring vocals create a fun and somewhat nostalgic sound.

Stereostatic Funicular is a nice break from most modern music, where electronic sounds seem ubiquitous. The Locals does use keyboards, but it doesn’t overwhelm the classic instruments.

The music does continue to be light-hearted and inspiring in tone. But it’s the wonderfully crafted lyrics, full of analogies and personal anecdotes, that make this EP unique. While some bands struggle to express themselves with faux-poetic lyrics, The Locals connect the dots in two ways: the writing is strong and the tunes go hand in hand with it.

For example, the second track, “3 Inches From the Floor,” preaches about overcoming self-imposed limits. It is fast-paced with catchy hooks, and the drums stand out; they aren’t just being used as a background instrument.

Like any good power-pop, Stereostatic Funicular makes listeners feel inspired as they dance along to the driving beats.

Another song, “Inventio” (which means “inventing” in Greek), deals with changing with the times and circumstances. “Inventio” is one of the most intriguing tracks, lyrically speaking. Doll sings poetically about a love triangle between the sun, the moon, and the ocean. The feel-good, New Age lyrics are uniquely juxtaposed with a classic, hardcore punk-rock sound.

The Locals creates an interesting mix of sounds—a little bit of Blondie shines through in the catchy choruses, and the sheer presence of roaring guitars and pounding drums brings Smashing Pumpkins to mind. Stereostatic Funicular shows the power of classic instruments in a digital world and sets The Locals up for promising growth.

The Locals – Stereostatic Funicular tracklist:

  1. “Running Toward the Sound”
  2. “3 Inches From the Floor”
  3. “Inventio”
  4. “Commerce”
  5. “Bellisimo”