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Exclusive Premiere: The Locals’ “Running Toward the Sound”

written by: on November 12, 2013

The Locals’ new song, “Running Toward the Sound,” advocates for listening to and acting on instincts.

“The song is about that pure instinct to just turn tail and run toward what grabs you,” said singer/songwriter Yvonne Doll. “It’s kind of a destructively awesome instinct, in the sense that you are running toward something that you won’t know what it is until you get there. It’s about keeping that instinct alive.”

The band followed its instinct to crowdsource the video, and they asked fans to submit photos which would ultimately be part of some stop motion sequences. During an August release party for the EP Stereostatic Funicular,the band also snapped photos of fans posed in front of a green screen for use in the video.

“We felt like we really wanted the people that love our music to feel connected to the video,” Doll said. “We really wanted the fans to know how much a part of our journey they are … And the theme of the tune is pretty universal. We’re all running toward something.”

The Locals will perform a set Friday, Nov. 15, at the Metro in Chicago. Leah Druzinsky, Workout Music, Rory Tyer Band, and MER will also perform. The Locals latest EP, Stereostatic Funicular, is available on iTunes.