This Charming Charlie Blog Lives On

written by: Boris Hartl on October 8, 2013

Remember all the hubbub over the blog, “This Charming Charlie,” which pairs Smiths lyrics with Peanuts cartoons? Last month, Universal Music Publishing mailed out takedown notices to the blog owner, Lauren LoPrete.  After some legal stare downs and a public show of support from the Moz, the blog will live on. The Morrissey Fanzine, True […]

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New Constellation album cover

Q&A: Josh Rouse

written by: Boris Hartl on June 26, 2013

“Maybe I’ve been doing this long enough that it’s second nature.”

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Beady Eye – BE

written by: Boris Hartl on June 14, 2013

BE is an ambitious step forward for Beady Eye that ultimately falls flat.

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The Postelles – …And It Shook Me

written by: Boris Hartl on May 10, 2013

On its self-titled debut album, The Postelles captured the unbridled enthusiasm of falling into the arms of love. Now, two years wiser and with heartbreak in tow, the New York foursome again dips into a bevy of pop staples—happy-go-lucky choruses, shimmering guitar melodies, and boundless harmonies—to guide its sophomore release, …And It Shook Me. It’s […]

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Young Empires – Wake All My Youth

written by: Boris Hartl on April 28, 2013

The Young Empires’ debut EP, Wake All My Youth, celebrates the exuberance of youth with a dance-pop flair that affirms these Toronto lads’ faith in the power of the beat. Guitars shimmer, beats pulsate, and Euro-house synthesizers glide through the mix. All of it grooves; none of it falters by the trio’s ambitions. After all, […]

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Dawes – Stories Don’t End

written by: Boris Hartl on April 22, 2013

Dawes records drip with a comfortableness and easy feeling of a Jackson Browne or Crosby, Stills, and Nash record — no doubt lessons learned on the road opening for such acts as Browne, Alison Krauss, and Bob Dylan. “I need a cold beer from a dressing room/I need a string of dates back out/I think […]

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Villagers – {Awayland}

written by: Boris Hartl on April 21, 2013

Villagers frontman Conor O’Brien writes cinematically and squeezes a great deal of drama into his dark and vivid lyrics.

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Frances Cone "Come Back"

Frances Cone – Come Back

written by: Boris Hartl on March 26, 2013

What makes the album a sparkling affair lies in the nuanced and textured music which seamlessly glides along the Brooklyn resident’s delicate and charming vocals.

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Josh Rouse – The Happiness Waltz

written by: Boris Hartl on March 23, 2013

Take a quick peek at the cover of the new Josh Rouse album to see how he’s adjusted to middle age and family life. Rouse is locked into a quiet stare as gray colors his temples. A few-days-old scruff frames his closed lips, and his blue eyes seem muted with a quiet resignation. “Now that […]

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