Daughter – If You Leave

written by: Boris Hartl on March 21, 2013

On If You Leave, the debut album by London-based trio Daughter, vocalist Elena Tonra sings of setting her bones on the road, swimming with the fishes, and being dead behind the eyes. “I was thinking that I should see someone/just to find out I’m alright,” Tonra intones on the second to last track, “Amsterdam.” On If […]

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Johnny Marr - The Messenger cover

Johnny Marr – The Messenger

written by: Boris Hartl on March 13, 2013

Johnny Marr steps forward as a singer and sole songwriter with a collection of bright and fun pop songs on his first proper solo record, The Messenger.

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Chicago-Artist-Jess Godwin

Q&A: Jess Godwin

written by: Boris Hartl on February 5, 2013

“In this day and age, being cynical is in vogue and I’m so tired of it.”

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Q&A: Young Empires

written by: Boris Hartl on January 30, 2013

Meet the Young Empires before they hit Chicago this February.

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