Frances Cone – Come Back

written by: March 26, 2013
Frances Cone "Come Back" Release Date: Febrauary 26th, 2013


A tumultuous relationship spurred the creation of Frances Cone’s debut album, Come Back, a study on second chances and the aches of trying to reunite with an old love.

What makes the album a sparkling affair lies in the nuanced and textured music, which seamlessly glides along delicate and charming vocals. Cone’s voice conjures up a strong resemblance to Ellie Goulding, Norah Jones with a slight Tracey Thorn aftertaste.

On the title track, Cone pleads, “come back and I will love you better than that” as a gentle piano and guitar riff trickles through and cuts an undercurrent through her meditation on regret. Soon a chorus of background vocals takes over as Cone pleads, “consider darling/what your heart will pardon/if we’re in love.”

Cone is the daughter of a Baptist preacher and her musical upbringing focused on a steady serving of gospel music. Check out “Mercy” as it bubbles with a sacred, confessional tone. Owen Beverly’s guitar gently supports Cone’s restrained delivery before a somber fusion of keyboards, voices and what sounds like a drum machine enter the fray and allows the song to really soar.

The rest of the album finds Cone striking the right balance between soft, sentimental songs (“Rattles Your Heart” and “Heartland”) and sugar-powered jaunts through her lyric book (“Soon and “Long Way Down”).

Frances Cone – Come Back tracklist:

  1. “Come Back”
  2. “Mission”
  3. “Soon”
  4. “Rattles Your Heart”
  5. “Long Way Down”
  6. “Mercy”
  7. “Edith”
  8. “Miles”
  9. “Get to You”
  10. “Heartland”