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Akron/Family at Hideout on Jan. 17, 2012

written by: on January 21, 2012

The Jam

The three members that make up Akron/Family have an individual stage presence that fit their personalities to a T. Dana Janssen, percussionist and vocalist, raises his drum sticks in their air while  keeping eyes closed he is rocking back and forth as if in a meditative state of dissonance. Seth Olinsky, lead vocalist and guitarist, asks the crowd to close their eyes, raise their hands, and sing along to a simple “tsk… tsk.” Miles Seaton, multi-instrumentalist and vocalist, is running through the crowd, tapping a stick against a beer can.

“The next part of the dance is an inner dance, it was channeled from Santana 2,000 years ago. I want you to close your eyes and relax.”

Olinsky continues this guided meditation and with a simple nod to the others, they simultaneously break out into song. A few friends join them on stage. One gentlemen brings a drum, another brings sticks, and they both begin tapping high hats tingle through the crowd, which is beyond amused—with the exception of the front row, who all have their hands held over their ears.

But Akron/Family didn’t mind; in fact they hardly noticed. All three just continued to let loose on stage. Seth grabs the pipe above his head and does a few pull ups, kicking- no, flailing—his legs into the air.

Before the show Pop ‘stache chatted with Janssen about Prince, fried chicken and bottom bitches. His “entourage,” as he apprehensively referenced them, sat around and laughed. Chiming in childhood friends whose excitement filled the room with anticipation and adrenaline.  

Seth Pulls up

Pop ‘stache: There is a Missed Connection written about you, what does it say?

Dana Janssen: “You in brand new Jordan’s and purple hood; L-train; Wilson Ave, stop at 10 p.m. on Wednesday night. Me: pink bunny slippers; garbage bag coat; it was raining. I would love to have a coffee.”

P ‘s: What is your Totem Animal?

DJ: A dolphin, their communication abilities they have. I just moved to Mexico and right next to my house you can watch the dolphins swim right next to you.

P ‘s: T-Rex, David Bowie and Prince ask to come on tour with you; who do you choose?

DJ: Prince, I mean, is that even a question? I mean, when doves fly, they fly for me. [Begins to sing his best rendition of a Prince ballad]

P ‘s: What’s one word you would use to communicate?

DJ: Wonderful.

P ‘s: Who is your bottom bitch?

DJ: Collin (childhood friend) for sure, he is my bottom bitch; hands down.

P ‘s: Most precocious instrument you own?

DJ:  My log drum from Africa.