Q&A: Augustines’ Rob Allen

written by: Kendall Klitzke on March 10, 2014

Coming to Lincoln Hall March 15, American indie rock trio, Augustines, is on an international tour following the February release of the band’s self-titled, second studio album. Preceded by the emotional, telling Rise Ye Sunken Ships, an album that centered on personal tragedy, Augustines is a light in the darkness. Pop ’stache was able to […]

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Weeknight – Post-Everything

written by: Kendall Klitzke on March 7, 2014

Andy Simmons and Holly MacGibbon, known simply as Andy and Holly, comprise the New York-based dark pop-rock duo, Weeknight. Their polished debut album with Artificial Records, Post-Everything, touts the pair’s “languid, obfuscous pop.” A more sonic version of the xx featuring cool, enveloping male and female vocals, Weeknight is where the melancholy of the Cure […]

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DA & The Jones – Sirens

written by: Kendall Klitzke on February 28, 2014

“I stayed as true to the course as I could, but the sirens are hard to ignore/Once you open up to the song, you’ll go down, down, down before long,” begins Sirens, DA & The Jones’ debut album. Singers and songwriters Daniel Ahearn and Mindy Jones follow-up their ELECTRIC LOVE EP with an endeavor produced […]

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Twin Forks – Twin Forks

written by: Kendall Klitzke on February 21, 2014

Twin Forks’ debut, self-titled album is like a warm hug from a friend you haven’t seen in a while. Mandolin player and vocalist Suzie Zeldin, bassist Jonathan Clark, drummer Ben Homola, and singer and guitarist Chris Carrabba (Dashboard Confessional, Further Seems Forever) are the working parts of this foot-stomping quartet from Boca Raton. Influenced by […]

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Creative Adult – Psychic Mess

written by: Kendall Klitzke on February 17, 2014

San Francisco post-punkers Creative Adult are anything but laid-back with Psychic Mess. Harnessing the most essential aspects of ‘80s post-punk with influences that range from Joy Division to Black Flag, Creative Adult is a sterling representative of the Northern California hardcore and punk scene. Preceded by a handful of EPs and collaborations, this full-length debut overshadows them all […]

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Have a Nice Life- The Unnatural World

written by: Kendall Klitzke on February 5, 2014

Musicians and masterminds Dan Barrett and Tim Macuga (together, Have a Nice Life) are back with The Unnatural World, a follow-up to their critically acclaimed studio album, Deathconciousness. It’s their take on post-punk, a unique blend of shoegaze, noise, ambient, and industrial influences, all with a heavy dose of darkness. Released by Flenser Records and […]

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The Casket Girls – True Love Kills the Fairy Tale

written by: Kendall Klitzke on February 1, 2014

Hair-raising and eerie, True Love Kills the Fairy Tale is just in time for Valentine’s Day. The Casket Girls, Phaedra and Elsa Greene alongside guitarist and drone-master Ryan Graveface, create a haunting sophomore album with Graveface Records. For the Savannah trio, this endeavor seemed to come out of a fever dream. On Graveface Records’ website, […]

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CYMBALS – The Age of Fracture

written by: Kendall Klitzke on January 23, 2014

Sounds of a crowded bar melting into hypnotizing dance pop kick off “Winter ’98,” the opening track of CYMBALS’ latest album, The Age of Fracture. The London foursome’s new-age disco sound takes on a literary, outward-looking approach, revealing an intelligence comparable to Of Montreal, and a European sophistication lacking in its often spoiled and childish […]

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Young the Giant – Mind Over Matter

written by: Kendall Klitzke on January 21, 2014

With its sophomore album, Mind Over Matter, Southern California indie rock band Young the Giant has come a long way since its hit single, “My Body,” was featured in a Michelob Ultra commercial. Singer Sameer Gadhia, guitarists Jacob Tilley and Eric Cannata, bassist Payam Doostzadeh, and drummer François Comtois are at it again with the […]

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Conveyer – Worn Out

written by: Kendall Klitzke on January 10, 2014

The nine-track Worn Out is a melodic, hardcore overture about a man having an existential crisis that becomes a crisis of faith.

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Moving Brooklyn – Intervals

written by: Kendall Klitzke on January 2, 2014

One night, not long ago, singer Kevin Teirnan tweeted “Moving to Brooklyn.” Though he didn’t intend to be taken seriously, it was an act that would prove to be the impetus for five friends to begin a new chapter in their lives. The guitar-driven, pop-punk rock band, Moving Brooklyn, releases its first EP, Intervals, in January, sharing […]

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