Maus Haus – Light Noise

written by: November 7, 2012
Release Date: October 23, 2012


Maus Haus is proving that less is more, as they just shaved off nearly half of their band members in Light Noise.

The multi-instrument-playing now foursome (they used to be seven) hails from San Francisco and just recently signed with Lavish Habits, a recently formed electronic-infused indie label based in SF. Self-proclaimed for sounding “like a confection of Kraftwerk, the Beach Boys, and Sonic Youth,” Maus Haus is nestled in a good place with a label like Lavish Habits, which is small, local, focused on a niche and can concentrate on Maus Haus.

Light Noise, a seven-track LP, is a jumble of synth, electronic rock, ‘80s allusions, distortion and catchy drum beats that will devour listeners whole. The first single released, “No More Girls,” packs enough punch to carry the album and allow it to pass as danceable. “You Made My Radar” introduces the LP with a heavy bass that carries a Blue Man Group-esque feel. Unlike past tracks that were more rigid and rough, “Where?” is shoe-gazer orgy of synthesizers, complete with chilling, hollow chords.

Most of the tracks on the Light Noise are far more distorted than past Maus Haus releases. Melodies are filled in with long, trailing chords. Light Noise is a new direction, with a more polished and mature sound.

Songs from Light Noise probably sound great on stage. This is one of those albums that could be a ph experience live; but through household speakers, it lacks the dimension it deserves.

Maus Haus – Light Noise tracklisting:

  1. “You Made My Radar”
  2. “Where?”
  3. “Hey Jean”
  4. “Mouth”
  5. “No More Girls”
  6. “Nervous Friends”
  7. “Night Shift”