Flyleaf – Who We Are

written by: July 26, 2013
Album-art-for-Who-We-Are-EP-by-Flyleaf Release Date: July 9, 2013


Who We Are, the new EP from Texas-grown rock band Flyleaf, features four live tracks and a studio track featuring Sonny Sandoval of P.O.D. It’s also the first set of recordings with Flyleaf’s new lead singer, Kristen May.

The first track, “Something Better,” features Sandoval’s vocals and borders on a duet. The two voices complement each other interestingly for a neo-metal band. The sweet lyrics of the chorus make the song seem somewhat romantic: “Aren’t we all trying to become something better?/Oh, whoa, don’t you know/Every time you take my hand, I become someone better/Oh, whoa, don’t I know.” The lyrics contrast with the sound of the jarring, gothic music in a way that is surprisingly uplifting.

Flyleaf’s sound is driven by an aggressive electric guitar and throbbing drums. May’s voice is high and feminine, but carries power behind it.

Who We Are, with the exception of one track, was recorded live, and this really displays May’s skill. Because each track most likely received less tweaking than if it had been on a studio album, the talents of each musician are especially apparent.

Of the live tracks, “Broken Wings” stands out. It starts slowly and softly as May sings, “Thank you for being such a friend to me/Oh, I pray a friend for life/And have I ever told you how much you mean to me?/Oh, you’re everything to me.” Gradually, the song’s intensity increases, both lyrically and musically; as the instrumentation develops, the content becomes more emotional.

While Flyleaf does not consider itself a Christian rock band, something its members have openly discussed before, their faith influences the music that they write. Who We Are has no explicitly religious lyrics or Biblical allusions; on the initial listen, the Christian undertones are not heard. However, with knowledge of the band’s beliefs, the positivity in many of the lyrics can be perceived as religiously influenced.

Flyleaf maintained its sound from its initial creation in 2007 and did not let the change in lead singer affect the spirit of the band. Flyleaf has a badass rock sound that is paired with Christian faith-infused lyrics. The juxtaposition makes the EP interesting, and May’s successful debut as the new lead singer makes Who We Are a solid addition to Flyleaf’s catalog.

Flyleaf – Who We Are tracklist:

  1. “Something Better (feat. Sonny Sandoval)”
  2. “Call You Out (Live)”
  3. “Fire Fire (Live)”
  4. “Broken Wings (Live)”
  5. “Sorrow Option (Live)”