Copywrite – God Save the King

written by: February 23, 2012
copywrite god save the king album cover Release Date: Feb. 28, 2012


Peter William Nelson’s latest recording, God Save the King, finds the Midwest rapper opening the book that is his life a little more willfully than his current hip-hop brethren. At his best, Copywrite’s flow brings back memories of the underground days of Royce Da 5’9”, and at his worst still provides adept rhyming skills. A member of the Columbus, Ohio, crew MegaHertz, Copywrite touches on everything from weak rappers who claim to own “swag” to the sometimes-taboo subject of spirituality.

The latter comes to the forefront at the beginning of the record. “Post-Apocaliptic Request Box” starts with a sinister Spanish guitar and keyboard mix. “There’s only one way out, through Christ, the King, the Man, man you can’t keep pumping drugs through your pumping heart,” he recites as he goes on to denounce worldly values and promiscuous behavior. Preaching like a cooler version of a Baptist pulpit dweller, Copywrite proclaims his reason for being born was to serve his King, while continuing to hold onto that edge that most “Christian rappers” lose out on.

“You get headaches for going against my grain,” he laces on “Love,” a message to rappers who might chose to diss. Where some would say he was hypocrite, a deeper look just shows a man who is comfortable where he stands and is proud to represent it in the often-negative world of hip-hop.

“Swaggot Killaz” finds him joined by MHz cohort Jakki Da Mota Mouth and finds his flow at its tongue-twisting best. Building on the hatred he battles on “Love,” this track provides further ammunition for haters.

“Sorrow,” “Man Made,” and “J.O.Y.” are all heartfelt anthems that express his displeasure with the troubles of the world, each equipped with a soulful sing-along chorus. “Union Rights” is an ode to those suffering through minimum-wage jobs to feed their families and sets another table for Copywrite to lyrically feast.

“Got to Make It” gets back to Copywrite calling out to God while earnestly calling for the listener to do the same, not shying away from his faith and what he feels is the truth.

God Save the King is a solid, message-driven record from a conscious rapper that definitely abides by the rule of being in the world, but not of the world.

Copywrite – God Save the King tracklist:

  1. “Post-Apocalyptic Request Box”
  2. “Love” (featuring Tage Future)
  3. “Swaggot Killaz” (featuring Jakki da Mota Mouth)
  4. “Sorrow” (featuring Illogic)
  5. “Man Made” (featuring Rockness Monstah)
  6. “J.O.Y.” (featuring Jason Rose & Torae)
  7. “Union Rights” (featuring MHz)
  8. “YO! Mtv RAP” (featuring Jason Rose)
  9. “Blue Ribbon”
  10. “Miracle”
  11. “G$k”
  12. “Workahol”
  13. “White Democrats” (featuring Mac Lethal)
  14. “Golden State (of Mind)” (featuring Casual, Evidence & Roc Marciano)
  15. “Synesthesia”
  16. “Got to Make It” (featuring Tage Future)
  17. “A Talk with Jesus”