Chancellor Warhol – Playlist For Edie

written by: March 13, 2012
Chancellor Warhol Playlist for Edie Release Date: Feb. 14, 2012


Hip-hop artists try to become brands, and while some get branded as lyricists, others transcend labels and become unique artists. Chancellor Warhol is the latter. Part lyricist, part song-maker, all creator, Warhol is able to blur standard hip-hop lines on his latest mix-tape, Playlist For Edie. Honing his sounds in the music mecca of Nashville, Warhol has been able to incorporate more than just hip-hop influences into this music, which is a big reason why he is poised to breakout beyond his genre. Shout outs to Jack White and Gotye steer CW toward indie rockers and hipsters, respectively. But no matter what the musical influence on any given song, the strength of Chancellor Warhol’s music is his ability to lyrically adapt to any given situation.

On the heels of Japanese Lunchbox and The Silver Factory, Chancellor Warhol released Playlist for Edie in the midst of a media buzz, finding him in the pages of Rolling Stone and in the snowy confines of Sundance. Riding that wave, Edie gives us the most in-depth imagery of Warhol yet.

Adapting to something Childish Gambino made semi-famous, Chancellor hijacks a few indie songs and crafts them into his own works of art. M83’s “Midnight City” is the first—”MDNT CTY” lets CW do what any good architect does: rip out the middle and create a completely new environment within the existing foundation. Anthony Gonzales’ breakout track is given new life as Warhol breezes through tales of late night escapades and ex-girlfriend tirades. “Wayfares and Tylenol, last night we did it all, and even though we had a ball, only thing that’s on your mind are reasons that I didn’t call” opens this electro hip-hop romp, laying the groundwork for its recreation, ending with “The best text of your life is telling your ex you’re leaving for the rest of the night.”

The aforementioned Gotye is up next as its “Used To Know” is given the Warhol treatment. A tongue-twisting club trip in itself, CW again leaves his fingerprints on the track to the point where you know he’s definitely there. Coldplay’s “Paradise” also falls at the hands of Chancellor as he exclaims “they say the weak shall inherit the Earth, that’s cool I’ll fly to Mars…” and never looks back.

And while he may leave his mark on others’ tracks, he shines on the album’s original material just as brightly. Whether it be the party-inducing “McFearless”, the introspective “Wait It Out,” “Games” and “Heaven or Hell,” or the screwed up “LoftiCries”, Chancellor Warhol shows nothing but progression on Playlist For Edie and makes those who have already showed him love look like trendsetters in their own right.

You can download this mixtape right here for free!

Chancellor Warhol – Playlist For Edie tracklist:

  1. “Intro”
  2. “MDNT CTY”
  3. “Used to Know”
  4. “LoftiCries”
  5. “Paradise”
  6. “McFearless”
  7. “Games” (featuring Boss of Nova & Natalie Prass)
  8. “Crazy” (featuring OpenMic & Rio)
  9. “Wait It Out” (featuring Rio)
  10. “Heaven or Hell”