1,2,3 – ‘Some Kinda Hate’ (Misfits Cover)

on October 31, 2011

Some Kinda Hate

1,2,3 are some of the coolest indie-rock dudes out there. To celebrate Halloween, they decided to give away a free 6-song Misfits cover EP. Pretty awesome, huh? The songs were recorded in lead singer Nic Snyder’s basement and are said to be about 91 percent live. So far, 1,2,3 has shown a wide range of diversity in its music, making the band really exciting to follow. Listen to “Some Kinda Hate,” grab the full EP at the group’s Tumblr and, most importantly, have a happy Halloween.

Make sure to check out some of 1,2,3′s other songs: “Gun Bash,” “Work,” “Heat Lightnin’” and “It Gets Dark.”