1,2,3 – “It Gets Dark”

on January 3, 2012

It Gets Dark

To celebrate the new year, 1,2,3  released a 5-song EP full of lullabies titled Dreamland Pt. 1. It was originally recorded for lead singer Nic Snyder’s niece, Daisy, his family and friends. But, after some thought, Snyder decided to give it away for free to anyone interested in hearing it. He said in a blog post, “Its aim is slumber–especially on its second half–so if you are remotely drowsy, I wouldn’t suggest driving around jamming on it.”

What’s really cool about this release is how each track takes a unique approach in writing a lullaby. The second track, “It Gets Dark,” has a lo-fi, 1950s rock/doo-wop vibe to it. If you like what you hear, the entire EP is available from the band’s tumblr, 123land.tumblr.com.

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