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Pop ‘stache is Groovebug’s first publishing partner

written by: on September 14, 2012

Pop ‘stache is pleased to announce that we’ve partnered with Groovebug.

Pop ‘stache’s editorials and curated music from emerging musicians is the first to be showcased on Groovebug’s new “Featured Blog” integration and will enhance Groovebug’s user experience by adding a new editorially curated channel for discovering and reading about music.

groovebug popstache integration

Groovebug already acts as a personalized music magazine and discovery engine for music lovers worldwide, and now they will be able to extend their music streaming catalogue of emerging independent artists, as featured from the Pop ‘stache publication. “Groovebug is excited to partner with Pop ‘stache for our first featured blog integration.  As we incorporate more quality music publications like Pop ‘stache into the Groovebug experience, we’ll be able to take immersive music discovery to a new level,” said Groovebug CEO,  Jeremiah Seraphine.

Chicago-based Pop ‘stache focuses on long-form editorials, in-depth album and live reviews, music industry commentary, artist features, and regularly recommends music from up-and-coming musicians. “Music publications continue to be an authoritative destination for audiophiles to discover new music. We’re excited to be the first to partner with Groovebug for their new featured blog integration, which will offer an enhanced and robust magazine-like experience for its users,” said Pop ‘stache’s Editor-in-Chief Becca James.

Check out Pop ‘stache on http://popstache.com  and follow them on https://www.facebook.com/popstache

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