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[Giveaway] EMI invades Olympics host, Britain

written by: on August 21, 2012

With the Olympics over and the Special Olympics in full gear, nothing is better than to celebrate this year’s hosts with Britain’s contemporary claim to fame: British fashion, and more importantly its music.

To get you more acquainted with the homeland of the various immortalized British artists that inspired generations throughout the world, EMI has taken upon itself to create an interactive Google map demarcating a visual history of iconic British music. You can browse through the locations where Boy George was born, or if you’re a die-hard Beatles fan, learn about where John Lennon and Paul McCartney first met in July 1957. In conjunction with the application, EMI has launched its “British Invasion” online shop where British music fans can purchase classics including The Beatles: Abbey Road, the best of Billy Idol, David Bowie, The Dark Side Of by Pink Floyd, and many others.

For one of our lucky readers, Pop ‘stache and EMI are giving away a grand prize package. In it, the winner will receive all of the following:

  1. Radiohead’s “Pablo Honey”
  2. Billy Idol’s “Billy Idol”
  3. Duran Duran’s “Rio”
  4. David Bowie’s “Best of Bowie”
  5. Lily Allen’s “It’s Not Me, It’s You”
  6. Pink Floyd’s “Dark Side of the Moon”
  7. “Now That’s What I Call British” – a compilation of the most popular British artists
  8. A choice between one of two special edition British Invasion t-shirts (below)
british invasion tshirt


Contest Rules

Check out EMI’s British Invasion Google Maps app and let us know about an interesting fact (in the comments below or on Pop ‘stache’s Facebook page) that hasn’t already been included in the app about any one of the listed distinguished British artists. Because the prize includes seven albums and a t-shirt, the more obscure the fact (not able to be found in a Wikipedia search) the higher your chances are of winning. We will select a winner by  Monday, August 27 at 5PM EST.