ScHoolboy Q – Oxymoron

written by: Rick Homuth on March 3, 2014

During an era in which so-called “conscious rappers” reign supreme and the “gangsta rapper” persona appears all but extinct, it seems ScHoolboy Q has no qualms over trying to raise the dead. But Oxymoron, Q’s major label debut, isn’t just an exercise in sub-generic necromancy. His (mostly) unique presentation of West Coast-worshipping bravado marks an […]

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Kera & the Lesbians – “Gypsy Song”

written by: Rick Homuth on February 23, 2014

“Gypsy Song” Owing to a hearty helping of reverb and some truly soulful vocals, Kera & the Lesbians make 30 degrees feel like 75. “Gypsy Song” is a dose of Los Angeles “bi-polar folk,” and we’re happy to have heard it, because really– who couldn’t use some brass accompaniment as these winter doldrums crawl to […]

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SKATERS – “Miss Teen Massachusetts”

written by: Rick Homuth on February 10, 2014

“Miss Teen Massachusetts” What may seem to start out as another run-of-the-mill indie rock song soon blooms into aural bliss– “Miss Teen Massachusetts” will grab ahold of you in 15 seconds or your money back. New York City’s SKATERS’ debut album “Manhattan” is set to see release on Feb. 25th, and believe us when we […]

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Kim Churchill – “Some Days the Rain May Fall”

written by: Rick Homuth on February 2, 2014

“Some Days the Rain May Fall” With choral harmonies abounding and bursts of angelic brass accompaniment, “Some Days the Rain May Fall” is an absolutely absorbing track by the frequently-barefoot, forever-wandering Kim Churchill. The Australian artist had a run-in with singer/songwriter Billy Bragg at the Winnipeg Folk Festival two years ago, after which he was […]

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Secret Colours – “It Can’t Be Simple”

written by: Rick Homuth on January 22, 2014

“It Can’t Be Simple” Folding in elements of psychedelic rock and all its wild derivatives (that organ riff could invoke the Beach Boys or Smash Mouth, take your pick), “It Can’t Be Simple” is more than a nostalgic homage. And don’t let the “u” fool you– with bass lines that scream analog worship and some […]

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Quiet Life – “San Luis Obispo”

written by: Rick Homuth on January 16, 2014

“San Luis Obispo” When was the last time you were stoked to hear a harmonica? Depending on how many Springsteen deep cuts you listen to, it might be hard to come up with an answer. Quiet Life, however, is here to change that, upping the ante with this track off their latest album, “Wild Pack.” […]

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Mineral – “Unfinished”

written by: Rick Homuth on January 6, 2014

“Unfinished” 2013 in music journalism brought about an increase in underground coverage, and with it, the strange declaration that we are in the midst of some sort of “emo revival.” Despite the fact that most bands associated with the term reject it, and that emo has been alive and well since its conception, it’s good […]

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Kalle Mattson – “Darkness”

written by: Rick Homuth on January 5, 2014

“Darkness” “Darkness” is all at once somber and steady, honest and airy, wholesome and wistful. The track is a single off “Someday, the Moon Will Be Gold,” Kalle Mattson’s third studio album and his fourth major release. On it, the Ontario singer/songwriter muses on the nature of existence, principally channeling the passing of his mother […]

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Scoundrel - Freak Flag - cover

Scoundrel – “Freedom Bird”

written by: Rick Homuth on December 12, 2013

“Freedom Bird” In the fallout of several beloved underground emo/punk bands’ departure, Scoundrel was eventually born. The group has members from three once-prominent Chicagoland names– Grown Ups, Cloud Mouth, and Coping– and their latest release “Freak Flag” incorporates clear elements of each, plus more. Unfortunately, Scoundrel was involved in a pretty rough car accident on […]

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Human Traffic – “FVTVREPVNK”

written by: Rick Homuth on November 21, 2013

“FVTVREPVNK” The bastard spawn of basement-dwelling punk denizens clutching synths and samplers, “FVTVREPVNK” is a grimy dance number showcasing shrieks in the back and freaks in the front. The Kansas City, Missouri, electronic act calls their specific brand “gothrave;” the label being beyond appropriate for their contagious new sound. So, if you’re looking to be […]

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Eatliz – “Miserable”

written by: Rick Homuth on November 16, 2013

“Miserable” Eatliz is billed as Tel Aviv’s “hottest”¬†up-and-coming art rock group, and it’s not hard to imagine why. The Israeli band’s spacey aesthetic is thoroughly pleasing, and marks a significant shift in the group’s sound from previous endeavors; all unique in their own right. “Miserable” is the first single from the band’s fourth record, “All […]

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Eminem – The Marshall Mathers LP II

written by: Rick Homuth on November 15, 2013

The original The Marshall Mathers LP is widely regarded as one of the best albums in hip hop history, and is easily among Eminem’s best work. Now, with the release of The Marshall Mathers LP II, one might logically determine that Eminem is striving to emulate his phenomenally successful third studio album. And emulate he […]

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