Mineral – “Unfinished”

on January 6, 2014


2013 in music journalism brought about an increase in underground coverage, and with it, the strange declaration that we are in the midst of some sort of “emo revival.” Despite the fact that most bands associated with the term reject it, and that emo has been alive and well since its conception, it’s good to take a moment and reflect just what it is that’s supposedly being revived.

And when it’s cold enough outside to risk losing a finger or two just by walking to the bus stop, there are few better ways to kick off a personal emo revival than with a track of Mineral’s opus “EndSerenading,” released in 1998. “Unfinished” is one of the more cerebrally composed songs on the record, the entirety of which is a jewel from start to finish. Chris Simpson’s vocals are ethereal and his guitar riffs are lovely, but as is the case with any ’90s emo frontman worth his salt, his subject matter is enthrallingly depressing. So think of Mineral just like January in Chicago: daunting and deserving of respect, but damn pretty when observed from the inside.

“EndSerenading” was Mineral’s second and final full-length record. The Austin-based group has long since parted ways.