Stubble vol. XI

written by: Rick Homuth on November 5, 2015

Some mixtapes only go up to 10, but we’re turning┬áthis one up to 11. Get down with some new tunes from Chicago and beyond. And before you ask, it’s a Masonic chess board, okay? Bob Nanna – “Want (Jawbreaker)” Allday – “Magic” Planning for Burial – “When We Were Ghosts” Pink Eyes – “We Burn” […]

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Canadian Rifle – “You Are My Junk”

written by: Rick Homuth on October 15, 2015

“You Are My Junk” Chicago’s own Canadian Rifle have been around the block, but are still able to come up with something that sounds fresh. “You Are My Junk” is just that– one of two brilliantly polished numbers showcasing what a band can churn out with years of experience, recorded recently while on tour in […]

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The Cairo Gang – “Be What You Are”

written by: Rick Homuth on June 30, 2015

“Be What You Are” There are two types of people: People who like Guided By Voices, and people who say they like Guided By Voices. The Cairo Gang, a Chicago-based lo-fi outfit, fits into the former category. Playing no-nonsense indie rock tinged with a 1970s London flair, the band’s latest record “Goes Missing” is well […]

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My My My – “The Bleeding”

written by: Rick Homuth on June 3, 2015

“The Bleeding” You can get a lot of mileage out of a Microkorg these days. But in a world in which hundreds of music acts choose to rely on the synthesizer as something of an electronic crutch, others choose to weave their sounds over preexisting sonic concepts and delightful intricacies. My My My, a six-ish […]

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Birch – “Halfway”

written by: Rick Homuth on May 13, 2015

“Halfway” Put down that almanac! Though meteorologists may dictate that summer starts on Sunday, June 21st this year, we here at Pop ‘stache are pleased to announce that you don’t have to wait any longer. With the help of Brooklyn’s Birch, the best season of the year gets to start just a little bit earlier. […]

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Sheer Mag – “Fan the Flames”

written by: Rick Homuth on April 30, 2015

“Fan the Flames” Philly rockers Sheer Mag dropped their latest 7″ earlier this month, containing four more lo-fi summertime bangers brimming with all the palatable riffage we’ve come to expect. Their first release– another four-track 7″ EP– made serious waves with the DIY punk crowd, and there’s no reason to assume number two won’t do […]

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Stubble vol. IX

written by: Rick Homuth on March 12, 2015

Beware the Ides of March! For it, uh, tolls for thee. Or whatever. As far as we’re concerned, March is a great month. It means the air is getting warmer, it marks the seasonal transition between “winter” and “puddles everywhere,” and it’s the only month out of the year that can be used as a […]

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Life in Film – Get Closer

written by: Rick Homuth on February 6, 2015

“Get Closer” Yeah, we know it’s cold out, but Life in Film’s music is scientifically engineered to keep you warm. Seriously, if you’re listening to their jaunty, sunshine-y indie pop mix correctly (i.e., flailing around wildly), you’ll undoubtedly see a spike in heart rate and body heat. Along with a handful of shows in their […]

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Ka Malita – “Sea Shells”

written by: Rick Homuth on January 14, 2015

“Sea Shells” When it comes to prog rock, there’s a thin line between “music” and “nonsense.” We’re happy to report that the Chicago two-piece treads this line very, very carefully, and the results are really, really cool. The remaining melodic dalliance off Ka Malita’s debut EP is up for grabs on Bandcamp.

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