Stubble vol. IX

on March 12, 2015

Beware the Ides of March! For it, uh, tolls for thee. Or whatever.

As far as we’re concerned, March is a great month. It means the air is getting warmer, it marks the seasonal transition between “winter” and “puddles everywhere,” and it’s the only month out of the year that can be used as a verb. Stubble vol. IX is another reason to get way down with March—hits abound on this edition of our beloved Pop ‘stache mixtape series that, like the month, comes in like a lion and out like, uh, a bigger lion.

Shout out to Joe DeLuca for this month’s killer artwork. And, as always, check out our MP3 section for more new music.

  1. Funeral Advantage – “Not in My House”
  2. Nai Harvest – “Stick on My Heart”
  3. Vaadat Charigim – “Ein Li Makom”
  4. Bedroom Sons – “Wastin’ All My Time”
  5. Former Ghosts – “Past Selves (ft. Nika Roza Danilova)”
  6. Lateral Moves – “Wait Until Spring, Bandini”
  7. The Shakes & Rumbles – “Shatter Song”
  8. Del Paxton – “Bad Batch”
  9. ANAMAI – “Lucia”
  10. Brandon Spaulding – “Sweet D”
  11. Bouquet – “Come to Your House”
  12. Alright Panther – “Ghost Jeans”
  13. bippy – “Over Dinner”
  14. Dahlia Revolt – “War Paint Sound”
  15. North by North – “Mama Gold”