The Young – “Cry of Tin”

on August 4, 2014 Directed by:

In case you missed your Basic Common Sense class on People Who Are Obviously Creepy day, The Young’s video for “Cry of Tin” can teach you an important life lesson: Don’t trust people wearing serial killer glasses.

We begin with a subdued Blake Anderson giving The Young’s lead singer the grand tour of his fancy new storage unit, as if this storage unit isn’t exactly like every other one in the world and there’s actually something to see. (I suspect they only show you the unit so you can verify there are no dead bodies in there at the time of purchase.) The singer is like, “Cool, no obvious signs of murder here. Sign me up!” and holds his band practices there, because storage units are known for their great acoustics, I guess.

But you can’t just have one key to your storage unit. What is this, amateur hour? We’ve got some MAJOR STORAGE to get did. So the singer goes to get a copy made, and the guy at the key-copying desk is wearing (gasp) big old thick-rimmed serial killer glasses. Instead of taking this as a big RED FLAG and hightailing it out of there, the singer acts like nothing is even wrong and just goes about his business as if that creepy dude didn’t just make another copy of the key for his own nefarious purposes.

And now, we turn to other things happening that will be mildly related to the main plot later.

A really angry dude starts ripping out election signs because a) local politics get him all fired up or b) city council candidate Forest Erwin owes him money. Back in the storage facility, a woman gives a massage in one of the units (because nothing says “soothing” like clammy concrete floors) and someone conducts a job interview in the next unit over (because nothing says “legit business” like aluminum siding).

But what’s this? Glasses is in the storage facility! Repeat: GLASSES HAS INFILTRATED THE STORAGE FACILITY. He’s got a mean look on his face and he’s obviously up to no good, as evidenced by the way he takes the singer’s guitars and shit and loads them up onto a cart.

He wheels the cart into his own storage unit housing a carefully curated collection of things he's stolen from other units (such as a Forest Erwin campaign sign—see, I told you that would come up later).

Cut to a shot of a random guy walking through the hallway with a box. I have no idea what this has to do with anything.

But anyway, is glasses done stealing musical equipment? Hell no! Because when the singer goes to open up his unit, he’s greeted not by the cheerful sight of shiny, bolted walls, but by a pair of serial killer glasses straight up strangling him.

Blake Anderson and a security guard witness this all going down on camera, so they walk over at a surprisingly calm pace. (Yeah, no hurry, guys. Just, you know, responding to a violent crime that is happening right this second. Take your time tho.) They catch glasses, find like a million keys on his person, and escort him out of the building with a zip tie around his wrists.

But what doesn’t happen is the singer being found unconscious in the unit that glasses locked him into and getting the medical attention he needs. So next time Blake Anderson gives the grand storage unit tour, there really is gonna be a dead body in there.