Shakey Graves – “Built to Roam”

on March 6, 2012

Built to Roam

Alejandro Rose-Garcia, aka Shakey Graves, is self-described as a gentleman from Texas. The folks at SXSW will tell you he is “the best damn one man show in Austin.” With deep roots in folk, blues and country, he presents himself as a modern day wandering cowboy. When you see or watch video of him live, you might start to believe it.

Shakey Graves’ song “Built to Roam” reinforces this persona, both musically and lyrically. He sings over a lightly strummed guitar and kick beat, “Watch out cause here I come bored and lazy. Yeah here i come just passin’ through. Oh follow me beyond the mountain. Go howl the ol’ big moon.”

If you want to hear more after this, which let’s face it you do, head on over to Shakey Graves’ Bandcamp page and download his album Roll the Bones, available for whatever you’re willing to pay.

  • Seth

    You guys post great music, but why do you never link to artist pages?