POP ETC – “Hungry Like The Wolf”

on March 26, 2012

Hungry Like The Wolf

As strange as it may seem, the band The Morning Benders recently decided to change its name to POP ETC. While touring the UK and Europe, the band unexpectedly discovered a lot of negativity surrounding the word “bender.” You can read the band’s full explanation at The Morning Bender’s website.

As POP ETC, the group released a mixtape full of new material. As you’ll hear on “Hungry Like The Wolf,” the band seems to have shifted its sound a little closer to the pop end of the spectrum, utilizing auto-tune and electronic instruments. After the success of The Morning Bender’s 2010 release, Big Echo, it will be fun to hear fans’ reactions to this change. Seriously, what does everyone think?

You can grab a download of the full mixtape at POP ETC’s new website.