Danny Brown – “Grown Up”

on March 23, 2012

Grown Up

It’s only March, and Danny Brown just dropped the best song of this summer. It’s called “Grown Up.” On it, Brown takes some time to self-reflect as he ryhymes about the kid he was growning up and the man he is today. One of his best lines is, “Used to take bottle back, waitress bring the bottle back. Now they see me shining and they looking like a Sour Patch.”

Aside from the greatness of Danny Brown, what makes this track extra special is the production by Party Supplies. Magically, you will be transported to the mid-1990s. You’re riding in your friend’s mom’s Chrysler LeBaron with the top down. You turn on the radio and the beat sounds so familiar, but no matter how hard you try you’re never able to put your finger on it. People, it’s 2012 and this beat is original.

Enjoy “Grown Up” as a free MP3 for now, but if you’re able to catch Danny Brown on tour, make sure to grab the 7-inch.