Elvis Depressedly – ‘I’m Never Going To Understand’

on November 16, 2011

I’m Never Going To Understand

Only 1:45 long, “I’m Never Going To Understand” is the perfect introduction into the music of Elvis Depressedly. Sadly, the EP it’s on, Disgraceland, will be Mat Cothran’s last release under the moniker. The project was originally started as a way for Cothran to experiment with music at his new house in Columbia, SC. You’ll notice on “I’m Never Going To Understand,” and most of his other songs, very dark and negative lyrical content, often surrounded by uplifting melodies. It’s almost as if he is trying to mask his depressed feelings with the beauty of his music, or in some way get them out without digging too deep.

If we do hear from Cothran again, it will be with his other project Coma Cinema. You can check out Disgraceland and two other EPs at Elvis Depressedly’s Bandcamp page.