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Bandcamp Hunter: Weekly Picks (July 16, 2011)

written by: on July 16, 2011

Hundred Visions – Last Cab From Tunis

One of the more exciting bands to come out of Austin recently is Hundred Visons. They play rock and roll with groove, kick and swagger. With handclaps, harmonies and sweet hooks, what’s not to love? Hundred Visions are a bubbling fusion of Petty-esque rock and 90’s Brit pop, and a damn fine concoction it is. Turn this up.

These Patterns – Species

Melbourne’s These Patterns are a post-punk group with a menacing edge. Tribal rhythms combine with shimmering guitar parts and reverberating vocals to create a mesmerising, expansive sound. These Patterns are worth watching. They could be anything.

Dead Gaze – Dead Gaze

Dead Gaze are an experimental rock act from Mississippi. Opening track “Somewhere Else” is the standout track on their self-titled, with its dreamy vocals and psychedelic groove. There is an element of darkness to the music though it has a beautiful density; the sort of music that rewards a devoted headphone listener. Alternating between creepy and joyous, Dead Gaze are a very intriguing band.