Brand New Your Favorite Weapon Album Cover

Brand New Missed Their Shot

written by: Tyler Remmert on February 2, 2011

Brand New’s debut, 2001’s Your Favorite Weapon, is exactly the record a band coming out of the Long-Island-Post-Hardcore scene didn’t want to make: simple, meandering and containing only about 65 percent good ideas.

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British Invasion Union Jack flag
Smith Westerns portrait by the pier

Smith Westerns: Young Guns

written by: Tyler Remmert on January 31, 2011

Chicago quartet The Smith Westerns are a rag-tag band of youngsters who have their gimmick and an amazing record to back themselves up. Dye It Blonde is remarkably consistent, earwormingly catchy and filled with enough retro-fitted parts to seem bone-shakingly cool and technically proficient at the same time.

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British Invasion Union Jack flag

Top 25 British Invasion Albums (21-25)

written by: Brian Anderson on January 27, 2011

How could a country with a population one-sixth the size of America have so many amazing bands? The British Invasion was the most important period in the history of rock ‘n’ roll. It eclipsed everything it preceded and spawned everything that succeeded it.

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Asher Roth and Nottz Raw - Rawth mixtape album cover

Asher Roth, Anything But Raw

written by: Patrick Smith on January 27, 2011

Asher Roth is the next logical step in the defanging of hip-hop, not because he’s white, but because he’s making music for boring upper-class listeners.

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Captain Squeegee band portrait
Red House Painters - Self Titled album cover

Red House Painters Still Cornerstone of Originality

written by: Justin Scro on January 26, 2011

From album opener “Grace Cathedral Park,” through the epic “Katy Song” and sobering “New Jersey,” the songs of Red House Painters deal with moving on, being left behind and sorting through the gray areas of life as they happen.

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John Lennon Army Soldier Portrait
Discovery LP Album Cover
Musicians Who Died in 2010
Hidden Gems of 2010

Hidden Gems of 2010

written by: Chris Favata on January 14, 2011

There is simply too much good music out there. Even with the accessibility of the Internet, several great albums get neglected or disregarded outside their certain circle. So, in hopes of reaching a larger audience, here are eleven “hidden gems” from the past year (listed in alphabetical order): Buke and Gass – Riposte The quirky […]

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Pink Floyd - Obscured by Clouds large album artwork 1972

A Soundtrack Seldom Heard for a Movie Never Seen

written by: Craig Bechtel on January 8, 2011

Sonically it serves as a bridge from their youthful psychedelic impulses of The Piper at the Gates of Dawn and the mature blues-rock of the Dark Side. However, Obscured By Clouds is superior to the former: It exhibits evolution from their ’60s playfulness and preferable to the latter in that it never dissolves into histrionic self-importance.

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