Get a Better Band Name

written by: David B. Anthony on February 15, 2011

Acts have begun trying to grab attention based around the eccentricity of the band name alone.

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The Dig band Portrait

The Dig Brings New Toys

written by: Cody Prentiss on February 14, 2011

Brooklyn band The Dig somehow bridges the gap between something new and the familiar. Their music is breezy, yet harsh.

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Atmosphere – “The Best Day”

written by: Jason Radford on February 11, 2011

From start to finish, the song sends a message about positivity and patience, accompanied by a free-flowing soulful piano melody.

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Chicago band White Mystery portrait

Chicago Cherry Popper: White Mystery

written by: Aaron Pylinski on February 9, 2011

Though their motif may be geared around their loud red fros and steady, simple punk sound, White Mystery is in their own right a staple of the Chicago music scene.

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Top college rock records

Notes From The Underground

written by: Brian Anderson on February 8, 2011

On Friday January 14, at New York City’s Highland Ballroom, Camper Van Beethoven reunited once again. That next night, ending a 12 year hiatus, Archers Of Loaf did the same at the Cat’s Cradle in Carboro, North Carolina. Separated by 24 hours and 700 miles, both events drew water from the same well. Like the […]

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Playing banjo in the morning freak folk

“Modern Folk”

written by: Tyler Remmert on February 7, 2011

Modern folk is an oxymoron. A look into the music of Sufjan Stevens, Joanna Newsom, Bon Iver, and Iron & Wine.

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Joyce Manor: Short and Bitter

written by: David B. Anthony on February 7, 2011

By mixing Weezer’s best material with the chaotic aggression of Eternal Cowboy-era Against Me!, Joyce Manor has carved out a sound that makes it catchy without hesitation.

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British Invasion Union Jack flag
Stevie Wonder - Talking Book album cover

Thunder Hit Wonder

written by: Jason Radford on February 4, 2011

Talking Book still holds a place in the hearts of many baby boomers, as well as great musicians today who chose to take inspiration from their forefathers, so to speak.

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British Invasion Union Jack flag
Serj Tankian-Left of Center-Portrait

Serj Tankian’s Perfect Harmony

written by: LeeAnn DiSanti on February 3, 2011

Typical orchestral work adds a classical, refined air to music, but with “Left of Center,” it dictates the battle between chaos and order.

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British Invasion Union Jack flag