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Video Premiere: The Welcome – You Got The Medicine

written by: on May 26, 2014

The four members of self-described “coed pop” rock band The Welcome have such busy and conflicting work schedules that it’s almost impossible to get them all in the same room to film a music video together. So instead of taking off work, they came up with a compromise—to pick a song from the band’s new album and each make their own videos.

Directed by Abe Zverow, “You’ve Got The Medicine” is the second single and video from The Welcome’s latest full-length release, Weeknights. It’s a black and white video led by Sarah Johnson, the band’s lead singer and keyboardist.

“The attitude of the song is, ‘I’m the boss. I’m going to do what I want. I’m making my own choices to do whatever I’m going to do.’ And musically, it’s very bass-heavy—it has a really cool, fun sound,” Johnson says.

“I like that the song has a really good, distinct energy. It’s aggressive, but not in a negative way,” says lead singer/guitarist Gehring Miller.

“It’s empowering,” Johnson says.”When we talked about making the video, I knew I wanted it to be in black and white, and I knew that I wanted to break things. We shot it in an alley by our practice space at Grand and Western, where we know there isn’t a lot of traffic. So we had to talk to the guy who runs in the building and say, ‘Just in case anyone wants to know why people are outside smashing lamps with baseball bats…'”

The Welcome will be playing Do Division Street Fest on Saturday, May 31 at 2pm on the Leavitt Stage. The band’s full-length release, Weeknights, is available at www.thewelcomemusic.com.