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Total Ghost New Futures EP album cover

How Real Can A Fake Band Get?

written by: on December 14, 2010

Total ghost aren’t a fictional band the way, say, The Monkees were a fictional band. Or even the way that a modern fictional band like Gorillaz are. They have taken the fake band idea and totally ran with it, taking the internet and probably soon the world by storm.

Bictor and Chon hit the ground running last summer when the released the song “Happy Birthday for you Person” on YouTube. Since then they’ve released a few videos and a few tracks up on their site. Which makes them not necessarily the most prolific band on the scene right now, but sticking to a character for that long and keeping a joke rolling so consistently is really their strong suit. How else would a couple dudes from Denver pretending to be German land an interview on a real German radio station? With wigs and spandex like those, how can they be anything but German? How could they do anything but party all day everyday?

For the holidays they put out Custom Christmas. Which, to be fair, is just the birthday song with the word “happy” replaced by “Christmas” and different images put on the green screen. Which, again to be fair, is pretty much genius.

Check out their newest discoteque club hit “Forever Midnight” along with all the Total Ghost info, pics and animated GIFs you could ask for over at their site. Look for their full length album in 2011. Probably followed by a real or fictional world tour. Either way I’ll probably be following along.

Forever Midnight