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Listen to Tomboy

written by: on April 4, 2011

It’s Monday morning and we actually all have something to be stoked about! So while you are slamming coffee and dragging your feet, you can also space out and listen to the much ballyhooed, hotly anticipated¬†Tomboy from all around cool bro Panda Bear. You may have already heard a series of songs from 7”s and singles being released in anticipation of the record, but now NPR has the entire thing streaming¬†up at their site.

Tomboy comes out a week from Tuesday, and also has a pretty cool Record Store Day release on the 16th, with each of the limited number of copies of the record coming with an exclusive t-shirt. Fashion! Enjoy, everyone, and we can reconvene at the end of the week after we’ve had this on blast in our headphones nonstop.