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Pop 'stache LTD shirt - cropped

First Glimpse of Pop ‘stache LTD.

written by: on March 2, 2011

Here at Pop ‘stache, we love taking the digital world and making it physical. Whether that’s our planned SXSW print publication (more info soon) or a limited edition t-shirt, tangible items are the bees knees. That’s why we enlisted the talented Becky Murphy, a stellar designer out of Waco, TX, to design our first limited-edition t-shirt (only 90 were printed.) The shirts were printed at Hole In The Roof (also in Waco) on Tultex 0241 Heather Red shirts.

The shirts just arrived this week so with any luck, they will be available on the site within the next couple of weeks. This post is a teaser for Pop ‘stache LTD. and you can expect more in the coming months. If you like the design, let us know in the comments. If you hate the design, please send an email to our customer care division at areyoublind@popstache.com.


Limited Edition Pop 'stache shirts