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About Arcade Fire’s Light Up Balls

written by: on April 18, 2011

If you are like me and didn’t make the pilgrimage to California for Coachella, you lived pseudo-vicariously through your twitter feed this weekend. And after Arcade Fire’s set everyone was blowing up (get it?) about the light up balloons they dropped on the crowd. An avalanche of light-up beach balls, part of a continuing art piece by the Creators Project called “Summer Into Dust.” According to a Creator’s Project crew member:

A crane positioned at the top of the stage was set up to let the balls drop during the band’s last song, “Wake Up,” and our job was to throw them into the crowd and make sure they stayed there. There was also a giant cage to the right of the stage filled with hundreds more that we were responsible for tossing into the audience, which proved to be no easy task given that they were an unwieldy two or three feet in diameter. When the the balls finally did drop, the entire place turned into an epic ball pit, with these giant balls flying all over the place, changing colors all the while from red to blue to orange to pink. (My apologies to the people in the front who may have been pummeled in the face with a beach ball or two–my bad!). Standing on stage and taking it all in, it certainly was a sight to behold.

Check out this brief video from Chris Milk along with the video of the band performing their set-closing “Wake Up” below.

(pics and videos via BrooklynVegan)