Nurses on Hair, Pickup Lines

written by: Rachel Angres on January 23, 2012

Nurses came out with their sophomore album, Dracula, earlier this year. Touring with Dominant Legs, the band’s live performance at Schubas on Oct. 22, 2011,  was well-received. Aaron Chapman, lead vocalist, despite being sick with a sore throat, managed to perform magnificently. Pop ‘stache sat down with the three of them—Chapman (vocals, guitar, keyboard), John […]

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Willis Earl Beal at Schubas Tavern on Jan. 14

written by: Rachel Angres on January 19, 2012

Remember the name Willis Earl Beal. In fact, store it somewhere in your subconscious and suspiciously the name will soon emerge from the crevice where it was placed. At Schubas Tavern as part of Tomorrow Never Knows, Beal, solo artist and Chicago native, revealed that before being picked up by XL Records and given a multi-record […]

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The Hidden Words

The Journey of Alden Penner

written by: Rachel Angres on December 26, 2011

An interview with Alden Penner on his new project featuring Jamie Thompson previously of The Unicorns.

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Woods at Subterranean on Dec. 10, 2011

written by: Rachel Angres on December 23, 2011

Woods made sure to meet the needs of newcomers before diving into the experimental textures that have won over many a critic and die hard alike.

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Sandro Perri Discusses Collaboration Perks

written by: Rachel Angres on December 12, 2011

Sandro Perri, the Toronto-based solo musician, collaborative producer, studio engineer and writer has been quietly making music for over a decade. Take a listen.

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Coasting M' Lady's Records
Prince Rama