Beta Males – “Temporary”

written by: Becca James on December 3, 2015

Tory Lopez (along with Spencer Tweedy’s assistance on drums), delivers a flowing and earnest sound to Chicago-based Beta Males’ minimalist EP Joy. Standout track “Temporary” is reminiscent of  Elliott Smith’s lo-fi indie offerings, with instantly relatable lyrics—a must listen for anyone interested in the poetry of lyricism. Beta Males will host an EP release for Joy this […]

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Stone Cold Fox – “Contagion”

written by: Becca James on November 23, 2015

Stone Cold Fox does it again by providing an airy arrangement peppered with pulsing sound shifts and hard-hitting lyrics in the band’s new single, “Contagion.” Pop ‘stache readers will remember the Brooklyn-based outfit’s “January,” and “Seventeen,” both of which impressed our ears and led to the increasingly fine-tuned sound of this new single. “Contagion” is […]

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Frances Cone – “85”

written by: Becca James on September 12, 2014

“85” The Brooklyn-base band with South Carolina roots, Frances Cone, provides warm and robust vocals that can still convey yearning and pairs them with grungy synths to create powerful tracks. Each one has the ability to lift listeners up with a melding of folk and electropop. Listen to the band’s latest EP, which was recorded in […]

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Broncho – “What”

written by: Becca James on September 10, 2014

“What” Music finds it way to Pop ‘stache through any means possible, but sometimes the best way to receive it is as an old fashioned suggestion from  a trusted peer, which we have in contributing photographer Lauren Atkins. Broncho is currently one of her favorite bands, and listening to a preview of forthcoming album Just […]

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Bailiff – “Love Like Mine”

written by: Becca James on August 25, 2014

“Love Like Mine” Bailiff delivers a soaring indie-meolides with a post-rock backbone that swells into a stellar guitar riff in single “Love Like Mine.” With relatable lyrics, this is a jam for a relaxing and introspective day. Check out more from the Chicago-based band, including the heavier-hitting track “Shake My Heart Away.”  

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Sun Culture – “Sea Salt”

written by: Becca James on June 21, 2014

“Sea Salt” Nashville’s Sun Culture recently released its self-titled debut record, and it’s the perfect soundtrack for the transition from spring to summer. Single “Sea Salt” captures the increased pep that summer invites, bringing to mind backyards and beaches with its movie-montage worthy beats and winsome lyrics.        

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The Feed – “Rexy”

written by: Becca James on May 17, 2014

“Rexy” Reminiscent of late ’70s rock, this edgy track is perfect for the hot months ahead. That’s right, The Feed, a St. Louis-based four-piece, is giving this much hard-hitting sound with keyboards, saxophone, bass and drums. Crank up the blues-influenced single for a slow ride around the block with the windows down and let the […]

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[Giveaway] Ghostface Killah at The Abbey Pub, April 26

written by: Becca James on April 18, 2013

Need twelve reasons to go out on Friday? Too bad, we only have one, but it’s worth it. We have four pairs of tickets to give away for the notorious Ghostface Killah at The Abbey Pub on Friday, April 26. To win, tweet a set of your favorite Ghostface Killah lyrics to @popstache by Thursday, […]

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