Mr. Little Jeans – “Runaway”

on April 5, 2012 Directed by: Zach Shields

You may have guessed but Mr. Little Jeans isn't actually a Mr. It's simply the name that Norway's Monica Birkeness hides behind. Her dark-hearted hooks and synths that sit just below the surface of her breathy voice make "Runaway" an infectious pop track. "When you runaway, you can go anywhere" sums up the feeling that the Zach Shields (of Dead Man's Bones fame) presents in his hallucinatory video. Try getting this song out of your head.

Credits for Mr. Little Jeans - "Runaway" video:

Directed by : Zach Shields
Producer : Kathleen Heffernan
Exec Producer : Michael Dougherty
DP : Ross Riege
Animation : Jen Sapanski
Editor : Jeff Yorkes and Zach Shields
Art Director : Ryan Dougherty
Color and FXs : Marc Steinberg
Monica Costumes : The Jeans
Darren Costumes : Mike Wannenmacher
AD : Jed Hathaway
PA : Lisa Shields
PA : Colin Waite