BRKF$T CLUB – “The Fellowship”

on April 18, 2012 Directed by: BRKF$T CLUB

That slight buzz you hear in the blogosphere the last 24 hours is coming from Chicago. The Windy City posse collectively known as the 2008ighties crew (Calez, Julilan Malone, Fonz-E Mak, Legit, Johnny St. Cloud and UG with production by Malone and producer Sani) dropped their new video, “The Fellowship” under the pseudonym The BRKF$T Club…and it’s dope. Everything about this is dope. Individually, they calmly trade off bars with adept swagger and potent lyricism over a hypnotic synth-infused beat that puts a Midwest-twist on the group hip-hop dynamic perfected by West Coast greats Jurassic 5 and Dilated Peoples.  The new class of Chicago seems well prepared for the tests to come in the near future as they build up extra credit points.

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