Warren Franklin & the Founding Fathers – “Please Return”

on September 23, 2014

“Please Return”

If you’re even remotely familiar with the emo surge that’s germinated in the Midwest over the past decade and beyond, then Warren Franklin should already be on your radar. All his time spent both touring with and performing in a litany of prolific emo acts (household names like Empire! Empire! (I Was a Lonely Estate) and his Rockford, Illinois neighbors Joie de Vivre) has paid off; Franklin has long since departed from his role as “that acoustic guy at the house show” and now sports a backing band and fan base of his own. “Please Return” is a previously released track off his full-length record, “Your Heart Belongs to the Midwest,” re-worked to include his Founding Fathers– and we’re sure you’ll agree that the full band rendition is incredibly complementary to the original.

“Please Return” is one of two Franklin tracks on a recent 7″ record, the other being his cover of split-mate Mikey Erg’s full-band song “See Him Again.” Both can be listened to on the Count Your Lucky Stars bandcamp page.