Trails and Ways – “Mtn Tune”

on August 1, 2012

Mtn Tune

Trails and Ways are a four-piece group from Oakland, inspired by Brazilian music, indie-folk and California-pop. The group’s new song “Mtn Tune” is a total summer jam — made complete by its intertwining male/female vocals, bouncy synths and rumba clave-like drum beat. Lead singer KBB wrote this song after taking a rock climbing trip last fall with a girl he promised he wouldn’t fall in love with, and, of course, it was a promise he wasn’t able to keep… at least not while in the moment.

  • Moth

    Lyrics of “Mtn Tune”, please! I love this song.
    I live in Brazil and, sorry, I can’t see any connexion to Brazilian music. For me it’s more a zouk (caribbean) sound. 

    • Tom

      Moth, thanks for the input, and I’m glad you like the tune! I’m not sure to what extent “Mtn Tune” incorporates a Brazilian style, but the group’s singer/songwriter KBB actually lived in Brazil for a while (before moving to Oakland) and has stated its influence on the group’s music. Maybe it’s a little more subtle than I assumed. 

      You can find lyrics on the group’s Bandcamp page.