The Envy Corps – ‘Ms. Hospital Corners’

on November 2, 2011

Ms. Hospital Corners

Earlier this fall, The Envy Corps released their second full-length album, It Culls You. Although fans of the group were left waiting a little over three years for this release, time allowed Luke Pettipoole and Brandon Darner to mature as songwriters and producers. Compared to their previous material, the songs on It Culls You are heavier, more complex and, in some cases, darker.

On “Ms. Hospital Corners,” you’ll hear heavily distorted guitars tightly wrap themselves around Pettipoole’s relentless, Thom Yorke-esque falsetto. The instrumentation is tight, especially between the original three members (Pettipoole, Darner and Yoshimura). You don’t often hear bands create a new sound for themselves and be as on top of it as these guys are.

  • Mbsdesigns

    Luv this song!