Serenades – ‘Oceans’

on November 4, 2011


Serenades is the new collaboration between Adam Ohlenius from Shout Out Louds and Markus Krunegård of Laakso, two of Sweden’s best songwriters. Their new single is called “Oceans” and will be featured on their Nov. 14 release, Come Home EP. If you’ve listened to either of the artists, you’ll notice a nice mix of musical elements brought from their other groups combined with some completely new ones. The piano used especially stands out as something Ohlenius used frequently with the Shout Out Louds.

“Oceans” is lush and laid back. Like the title implies, there is a subtle oceanic theme in both the lyrics and music, but although beach worthy, the song is definitely not tropical. It’s more so a song centered around a relationship and the narrators questioning of it. If you like what you hear, make sure to check out the EP. The group will also be making a couple stops in the U.S. during their winter tour.